Coming to Counselling

If you are in the process of deciding to come to Counselling it may be helpful for you to know what will happen.

The First Step

Firstly we will arrange for you to visit me at my Counselling Room to introduce myself and discuss what you need. I will ask you if it is OK to record your details and whether you are happy to proceed with the Counselling. We need this to be formalised so it will involve signing a couple of forms. Additional formalised permissions may be appropriate depending on how we arrange to work together.

The first form records that you have given me permission to Process your Personal Data. The second form outlines the Terms and Conditions of our work together and our comittments to each other. There may be also additional options with regard to the Circle of Confidentiality.

Finding out What you Need

This first meeting is called an Assessment. It is a chance for you to tell me a bit about what has brought you to Counselling and what you need. The meeting will be 50 minutes long and after we have completed the formal requirements there will be some time to tell me a bit about yourself. There is no fee for the Assessment and there is no obligation to have Counselling once the Assessment has been completed.

Coming to Counselling can be an emotional experience and the Assessment is possibly your first opportunity to talk to a Counsellor. It can feel like all you want to do is just talk about your experiences. I will make sure that we have the time during the Assessment to cover your most pressing needs right there and then. It is a good idea, however to bear in mind that the opportunity for an in depth exploration is governed by the somewhat limited time available. So you may want to think about what you want to say before hand. This can help you manage the space so you feel comfortable to do what you need to do.

Finding out What You Want to Do

We will arrange how your Counselling will proceed and decide on the pattern of sessions. We can fix a certain number of sessions of just see how it goes. As part of this we will agree times and dates for sessions that are convenient for you. It can be helpful, but not essential, to create a regular pattern of sessions which are ideally at the same time on the same weekday. This can help with structuring your time and can also help with the work. We will also talk about when you want to end the Counselling.

Starting and Ending the Counselling

The Counselling will then start and hopefully you will find you are getting into the routine of it. As the work progresses and the ending approaches we will bring the work to a close. The closing Counselling sessions would ideally give you a chance to reflect on what has happened and I will make sure you have an opportunity to do this.

The Counselling Room

This is a dedicated private room on the ground floor within my property located within the residential area to the East of Havant Town Centre.

The property has has step free access to the Counselling Room and there is step free access to a toilet very close by.

The property has private parking which you are welcome to use if you come by car. Alternatively, there are two railway stations and bus services in the locality which are accessible by a short walk.

I operate a No Smoking policy.

Making the First Move

If you would like to arrange an appointment to visit me for an Assessment, please contact me here.