Your Personal Data

The operation of any business where the identities of people and their personal information is processed requires a robust attitude to the security of its records. In the UK this is recognised under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and The Data Protection Act 2018 in UK Law. The Information Comissioners Office (ICO) is the Government Agency with the responsibility to oversee the integrity of Personal Data and who has a Lawful Basis to Process it.

Personal Data and Counselling

Counselling is in many ways like any other business in terms of how it records and stores Client's Personal Data and the ICO recognises this across the board. Consequently Colin Beckwith Counselling (CBC) as a business is registered with the ICO as a Data Controller.

Counselling has an intrinsic link with the confidentiality of its Clients which reinforces the philosophy of the GDPR. This feature of the work drives a particularly robust attitude to the Integrity of Personal Data within my operation of CBC.

The Privacy Notice

In general a Privacy Notice fully details all of the features of the way that an organisation processes Personal Data. All businesses who process Personal Data need to have a clear policy about the management of Personal Data and the Privacy Notice formalises this.

As CBC is a Business that the ICO assesses as being required to take the appropriate steps in the processing of Personal Data I provide my Privacy Notice here.