“Feed Me Feed Me”

A one day workshop exploring our relationship with food and our eating habits. An opportunity to explore my own relationship with eating and food.

Attended in 2012


“Working with Suicidal Clients”

A one day workshop detailing the way that suicidal thoughts are treated in the therapy room. It outlined the accepted responses to someone who talks about feeling suicidal in the therapy room.

Attended in 2012


“The Difficult Client: Violence in the Family”

A half day workshop exploring the possible challenges in the therapeutic process if domestic violence has a significance in our client’s story.

Attended 2012


“Brief Therapy”

A one day workshop exploring techniques associated with short term psychotherapy or counselling. Empathically helping clients explore their perceptions through careful use of language.

Attended 2013


“Bereavement Counselling for Adults and Children”

A course attended covering an extensive range of theory and techniques associated with grief and bereavement counselling with adults and children. A total of 90 hours training giving a thorough grounding in the processes of loss and grief. With an emphasis on practical application of counselling skills it also encouraged me to explore my own relationship with loss and grief.

Attended in 2013


“Working with Clients who Self Harm”

A one day workshop exploring some features of self harm and how to respond as a counsellor. Encouraging me to explore my own relationship with self harm.

Attended in 2013



A half day practical workshop giving an opportunity to practice mindfulness. A way of remaining present and available as a counsellor in the therapy room throughout the therapeutic relationship.

Attended in 2013


“Gay Affirmative Therapy”

A one day workshop outlining a concept of not diminishing the validity of people who identify as Gay and Lesbian. In that the therapist will affirm and acknowledge the client’s outlook on their sexuality and who they are attracted to.

Attended 2014


“Working with Young LGBTQI”

A one day creative workshop exploring counselling with young people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Questioning and Intersex. An opportunity to explore the way my sexuality influences my world view.

Attended in 2016


“Working Alongside Death, A Sacred Opportunity

A one day workshop exploring my own reactions and feelings about death and dying from a standpoint of the natural world. I was encouraged to face the prospects of my own end and explore my reactions.

Attended in 2016


“Exploring Human Gender and Sexuality”

A one day workshop exploring the terminology of our sexual selves. This also dealt with exploring our own sexuality and how it relates to our counselling work.

Attended in 2017


“The TA Approach to Psychotherapy”

A one day workshop exploring the application of Transactional Analysis (TA) to psychotherapy. Outlined specific concepts of TA Psychology and the way it explains human relationships and feelings.

Attended in 2017


"Self Harm"

A one day workshop exploring the psychology of self harm. This examined the process of self harm from the viewpoint of someone who causes a painful physical intervention to their body. It encompassed signs of self harming behaviour and how self harm fits into a persons life.

Attended in 2018


"Stress, Anxiety and Depression"

A one day workshop exploring the features of stress anxiety and depression. The exploration examined the relationship between stress, anxiety and depression and how they interacted. In one sense it helps to give meaning to depression and how it affects us as individuals.

Attended in 2018

"Dealing with Distress: Working with Suicide and Self Harm"
A one day workshop exploring how to respond to the distress seen to be an important risk factor for suicide and self harm. It explored the way that distress such as encountered with the impact of long term abuse can be acknowledged in the therapy room.
Attended in 2019

"The Inside of Autism"
A course comprising fifteen hours of study spread over six sessions. A course designed to open up thinking about Autism and reframe the narrative based around a deficit based approach. It aimed to rewrite the narrative in a way that sees autism, not as a deficit, but as a set of features that go together to form an Autistic identity. It was delivered by "The Autistic Advocate" who are an organisation comprised of Autistic People.
Attended in 2022