Who is the Right Counsellor for Me

In a sense there is no single answer to this, especially when our individual needs can vary so much. It is perhaps more a matter of personal choice, with some features of a particular Counsellor perhaps forming a significant part of this process. Sometimes it can be a really certain choice and at other times it may not be so apparent. Perhaps I can help you find out what it is that you need from a Counsellor and I invite you to read on. Hopefully I can provide an insight to what you may expect from me and whether I could be the right person for you.


Who I am and What I Offer

I am a person like many others, who has embarked on a journey of self discovery. That exploration continues and still involves me in a process of gaining new awareness and practicing self reflection. There are many aspects to this process that have touched me over the course of my life so far. Training as a Counsellor invited me to explore these experiences as a way of connecting me with my own emotions. Many aspects of my life seemed to be put in perspective including diversity, wellbeing, gender, sexuality and connections with other people. My later professional development has taken me on a path that embraces Autism and Neurodivergence. This brings particular awareness about my own identity around Neurodivergence and Autism.

I offer in me, a person who strives to relate to others in a way that potentially allows you the chance of exploring your life experiences that respects the uniqueness and truth of you as a person. I offer you my capacity to listen and respond to you in a way that centres on you and does not seek to direct you away from your own perceptions. I offer to acknowledge the pain that can sometimes come with living in the world and just listen without judgement. I work with a concept of the many dimensions of emotion that we encounter as Human Beings which honours the diversity of the feelings we can hold. I will strive to offer my presence to you in the room wherever you find yourself emotionally. I recognise that this may be anything from sheer despair to utter joy.


Our Potential for Work Together

The attention I have given to my own life and its challenges allows me to seek to encounter you in a way that can build your awareness about your own life experiences. As a male Counselling trainee I had the opportunity to reflect deeply on my way in the world as a man. This somewhat distinct experience has meant that I have been able to and welcome work with both Men and Women. In some circumstances it may be that you may wish to engage with a Counsellor of particular gender and I respect your right to choose. Sometimes sexuality and gender are not so clear cut for us. The experience of exploring my own sexuality has informed me about the breadth of the spectrum of Human sexuality and gender. I welcome enquiries from anyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation. In fact I welcome enquiries from anyone, whatever your circumstances, specialities, distinctions or even commonalities.


Making a Choice

Choosing to have counselling can be a really challenging process and it needs to feel right for you in many ways. In one aspect it needs to be the right time for you and it may be that your visit to this site signals some degree of readiness for you. If it is not for you right now I thank you for visiting me on this website today and offer you my best wishes. If you feel I may be the right person for your counselling then I would welcome your enquiry to meet and perhaps bring more certainty for you.