My fees are £35.00 per on-going Counselling session. However, our first meeting to assess your needs and arrange how they can be met, is free of charge.

My fees policy reflects my desire to make my counselling as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. The price I set allows me to maintain the appropriate level of investment, whilst fulfilling my desire to offer ethical private counselling.

I can accept payment on a session by session basis or we can discuss any other ways of payment that are convenient for you. Where a set number of sessions are planned it can be advantageous to make a block payment covering all sessions planned.

Payment can be made using Cash, Personal Cheque or BACS Transfer. 

I will gladly provide you with a receipt if required.

Working Arrangements


I operate a No Smoking policy in and about the immediate vicinity of my premises. This means both inside and to a limited extent outside. I would be grateful if you could respect my wishes.

Guide Dogs

I aim to be accessible to as many people as possible, so I welcome Guide Dogs and other Dogs used to aid people in their living.


I appreciate that some people may like to bring their Dogs with them and it may be difficult to find a way of attending sessions if a pet can not be catered for. I recommend that you inform me if you consider it necessary to bring your Dog or any other pet along.

The presence of a pet in the Counselling Room with us may be beneficial or it may not. Sometimes pets can be a distraction and at other times a real benefit to the process. We will be able to discuss the possibility of bringing pets to your Counselling, but it may be as well to consider what the impact would be on the value of the session to you. The character of the Dog can make a big difference to its potential to aid or compromise the Counselling process.

Session Length

Each ongoing Counselling session lasts for 50 minutes. Our first meeting will also last for 50 minutes which will be used to assess your Counselling needs and collect relevant information.

I find the session length of 50 minutes for Counselling is long enough to explore the content of what you may bring on any particular day. Whilst it is possible to have longer sessions, it can be quite demanding, especially where difficult areas are being explored.

Cancellation Policy

I require at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel a session in order to give me a reasonable chance to reallocate the session. I feel it is reasonable to reserve the right to charge a full session fee if I am not informed of an absence from a planned session. I recognise that sometimes it is not always possible to give notice, so I will use my discretion when applying this cancellation policy, especially with regard to the session fee.

Where the sessions have been paid for in advance I reserve the right to include the missed session in the overall allocation. For instance, where 6 sessions are planned and 1 is missed without 48 hours notice, then the result will be to have only 5 sessions in total. Again, I appreciate that it's not always possible to give notice, so I will use my discretion in this case too.

Further Information

Please refer to the Client Information Sheet for further information which can be found here.