My Qualifications

I have a BA (Hons) in Humanistic Counselling from the University of Chichester and I graduated in 2015. I started my formal training by learning how Counselling can work and how I can professionally apply that theory as a Person. Training to become a Counsellor involves extensive attention to theory as well as a deep exploration of one's own experiences and perceptions. As my training progressed I studied myself in relation to other people and Counselling theory at a deeper and deeper level. The depth of self discovery I encountered helps me to be as fully available to you as I can possibly be, whatever you may bring to Counselling.

My Professional Competence

As part of my membership with the BACP I maintain my professional competence through a process of continuous professional development. I attend regular workshops which focus on features that enhance my professional knowledge. I also undertake regular formalised supervision and personal Counselling, which I regard as a crucial part of my ongoing 'fitness' as a Counsellor.

Personal and Professional Integrity

I believe that there is an inseparable connection between my personal morals and my professional role. This is formalised in my membership of the BACP who lay down the essential attributes of a professional Counsellor. The values set out in the BACP Ethical Framework outline a set of professional credentials that mirror my own personal morals of respect, decency, equality, justice and fairness.

Disclosure & Barring Service

I have undertaken an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check.

My DBS disclosure was commissioned by an organisation for which I volunteer due to their safeguarding requirements. The nature of the DBS system means that the certificate of disclosure also covers all of my potential activities as a Counsellor. My Certificate Number is: 001505821155.