My Approach to Counselling

I have at this point in my life, had many challenges and experiences which inform my approach to Counselling. I believe each of us has an individual way of dealing with life and I recognise the uniqueness of each person’s experience. My Counselling approach recognises the individuality of each and every one of us in relation to our values, beliefs, experiences and perceptions. I fundamentally value the people I see and constantly strive toward an understanding of their ways in the world.

A Theory of Counselling 

My particular approach to counselling is informed by the work of Carl Rogers (1902-1987) and is one of several in the Humanistic tradition. Rogers was pivotal in the foundation of what is termed today as Person Centred Counselling. This Person Centred approach emphasises the restorative value of the Therapeutic Relationship existing between the Counsellor and the Client. Moreover, it regards the Therapeutic Relationship as a therapeutic factor in its self. The Therapeutic Relationship is seen as an integral part of Person Centred Counselling and as ample toward a desirable outcome. Person Centred Theory introduces the concept of a restorative relationship that offers an awareness of how we relate to other people through a professional and structured approach. The awareness being that the way we have experienced life can be a pivotal factor in our sense of well being and empowerment.

The Intention Behind the Theory

Behind Person Centred Theory lies a belief that we each have an innate and unique response to our experiences which leads us to adapt and survive. As a person Centred Counsellor I believe that the way we adapt is born out of the conditions that existed at the time, perhaps many years ago. Sometimes these do not necessarily equip us to best cope with events that happen in the here and now. The intention of the Person Centred Relationship is to partner the person in a journey that enables them to re equip themselves using their own perceptions and expertise. It centres on the Client's world first and foremost and emphasises the fundamental truths for that person.

How this Affects the Way we Would Work

I will strive to create a relationship with you that involves listening without judgement as a fellow Human Being. It is by its nature a professional relationship defined by goals and objectives we both understand before we begin. The relationship is regarded as a container where we can explore and acknowledge the realities of experience. My approach has an inbuilt trust that we all have the power within us to grow and thrive, even though sometimes this feels so unreachable. I believe that Counselling can allow us to free our personal potential and can help us feel better.