The Cookie Policy of Colin Beckwith Counselling

It is not my policy to use cookies that gather specific user identity on the this website.

However, most websites will need to use some cookies for them to operate successfully for the user. These are a necessary component of a well designed and smooth functioning website.

General Information about Cookies on this website

I do not use any cookies that are intended to gather information that could be used for advertising or marketing purposes.

I do not use any Cookies intended to gather and pass on any Personal Data to any other third party.

Personal Data is as defined by General Data Protection Regulations, Data Protection Act 2018
 and the Information Commissioners Office.

The existence of a ‘cookie warning’ on the CBC website is made purely on the 
basis of giving complete transparency.

Turning Cookies Off

Cookies can be turned off and the method will depend on which browser you are using. However it can effect the smooth running of the website.